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Insider Secrets From Karen Anderson, One Of Australia’s Most Successful Property Investors & Property Investing Educators…

The Formula for Successful Property Investing in 2015

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In high capital growth areas without risking your home, worrying about the debt or competing with overseas buyers. (No Apartments With Strata Costs Either!) Plus…

  • Why it’s easier than you think to find the best places to invest in property in 2015
  • The secret investing structure which shields your home, allows you to take on extra debt safely and stops you losing sleep
  • Why some people easily make money through property… and others don’t!

Dear Fellow Property Enthusiast,

At the moment media reports are full of rising property prices and people paying well above the reserve price at auctions. As exciting as this is, people are now starting to wonder,

“Have We Missed the Boat?”

See if this sounds familiar…

You know that investing in property is a great way to create wealth… but you’re not sure how to get started.

And you have a whole series of concerns such as… where should you invest in today’s economy… how to get started… how to handle the extra debt… how to manage the tenants… and the list just goes on and on and on.

In the end it all seems too overwhelming… and it just gets put on the “too hard pile”.

couple-property-matureThe only problem is you’re not getting any younger and you know you need to do something to secure your financial future.

After all, superannuation probably hasn’t done you any favours in the last few years (hopefully yours has at least started to recover a little in the last 12 months)… and property prices just seem to be going higher. The so called “property slump” we were supposed to have never eventuated… and you may even be starting to worry that you missed the boat.

Well, if this sounds even remotely like you…

This could be the most important article you ever read.

Here’s why. Firstly,

The Property Boom is Just Getting Started…

Find that hard to believe? Especially with prices already having risen as much as they have? Well, let’s look at

5 Reasons Why Now Is Just The Beginning Of Possibly The Biggest Property Boom We Have Ever Seen…

  1. Property prices are already on the march: “The average period for saving a house deposit is 4.5 years nationally, up from 3.7 years in 2009.” Sydney Morning Herald
  2. Massive Shortage: These is a massive shortage of available property which will fuel increased demand and hence higher prices. “200,000 house shortage remains” Sydney Morning Herald
  3. Super Invested Into Property: People who are sick of losing money in their superannuation (because it was previously invested in the share market) have started transferring money out of their super into property in higher numbers than ever before…. “owner-occupier buyers in Sydney are being replaced by self managed superannuation funds who have taken money out of the share market” The Business Spectator
  4. Increased Loans of up to 95% of the property value. Lenders would only be willing to accept this higher level of risk (to them) if they thought property prices were on the increase
  5. Overseas Money – Money from overseas is currently pouring into Australia and these guys are willing to spend whatever it takes to secure quality property. We haven’t seen this level of overseas investment since the early 2000’s.

Imagine… it’s the year 2025 and you are sitting back feeling secure, proud and happy that you took advantage of the property boom and bought the right investment property which (at least) doubled in value… giving you hundreds of thousands of dollars that you didn’t have to work for… while everyone else whinges and moans, wishing they had bought property in the same area as you did back in 2015. How much of a difference would that make to your life?

But there’s a problem. You’re busy! You have a life to lead and you don’t have the time, experience and know how to necessarily do all of your research. So how do you work out…

The Best Areas To Buy Investment Property Today…

So you don’t miss out like you might have in the past?

The last thing you want to do is invest in an area that has already had its capital growth and you end up buying at the top of the market. What you want to do is find areas that are still expected to have large amount of capital growth right?

So what if it was possible to find these areas… without you having to spend a lot of time and effort? And what if it was possible to find investment properties that best suited your current financial situation (based on your income, tax bracket, family situation, expenses and lifestyle?)

What if… you could leverage off someone with over a decade of in-the-trenches experience… someone who can be trusted… with a proven track record and who is known by those in her inner circle as someone who has a knack for finding those little known property hotspots?

$6.5 Million in 7 Years!

find-property-search-Searching-For-A-New-HomeMeet local Sydney resident Karen Anderson. 15 years ago, she created a Hotspot Identification System which allowed her to find properties (that best suit your current financial situation) in areas with amazing capital growth potential.

In fact, Karen and her husband Tom, both originally from South Africa, personally used this system to create a property portfolio worth $6.5 Million in 7 years.

The best part about their portfolio is that it now funds their lifestyle as opposed to them having to work to fund their properties.

They have also helped hundreds of clients achieve these sorts of results using Karen’s proven formula… and for a limited time you have the opportunity to learn this information for free.

Why People Lose Money In Property

If you hunt around, you can find people who have lost money in property. There is no arguing that. But why did they lose money?

It’s often because they tried to do it alone… listened to well-meaning friends and family who don’t have property investing experience…. or trusted the opinion of a naive local real estate agent.

Unfortunately, it’s a result of failing to get the right information that most investors either buy the wrong property and lose a lot of money (and then complain that property investing does not work)…

Or they never get into the property market in the first place… and then look back with regret, wishing they had bought property back a few years ago… and secretly jealous of those that did.

That’s why having an experienced guide like Karen can make all the difference… and put you on the right path to creating wealth through property for yourself and your family.

The Secret Sauce to Safe & Successful Investing

In fact, the success Karen has been able to achieve for her clients is not just because she and her team are experts are choosing the right property location. They are also well versed at choosing the right financial structure for you.

Many people completely miss this part of the investing equation. Having the right property without the right finance structure is like having a racing car without grandma as the driver. It won’t move very fast.
Yet when you combine the best properties for your financial situation with the right finance structure, well now you’re cooking with gas!

Karen and Tom used what they now call their “Freedom Accelerator System” to pay off their personal loan in 18 months!

In fact it is the right financial structure that can help mitigate so many of the risks people are afraid of when it comes to investing such as:

  • Having unexpected expenses
  • Losing your job
  • Having unexpected rental vacancies

The right finance structure helps you build a large property portfolio without putting your home at undue risk and allow you to sleep at night.

So, if you have an open mind and are ready to discover cutting edge property investing secrets and practical strategies you can actually use to create wealth for yourself and your family… then you absolutely cannot afford to miss seeing Karen Anderson. She is going to be sharing information that you won’t read in any book or find out about anywhere else.

We’ve been running these events around Australia since 2010 and they have almost always been a sellout. People who have attended continue to send us endorsement and thank you notes after almost every event, just like this…

Zero Fluff – So Much Practical Information

“We’ve been to many seminars but this was easily the best one we’ve ever attended. Packed with practical information and useful tips.”

Kieran and Alison Sladen

Completely Changed Our Outlook

“The information Karen shared at about the 40 minute mark completely changed how we look at investing. We now know we can achieve far more than we ever thought possible.”

Annie San & Daniel Darley-Bentley

What You Will Learn

  • Where the best areas are to buy property in 2015… and why!
  • Why you don’t need to pay off your mortgage first before you start investing (in fact, it may even be better if you haven’t!)
  • Want to Retire Early and Retire Rich? Discover the Fortune hidden in your salary
  • The Lazy Person’s Way to Getting Rich – The Ultimate “Done-For-You” System. Perfect for the Busy Person.
  • How to turn $120,000 in savings or equity in your home into a $1.452 Million Dollar Property Portfolio in just 2 years (When you realise just how simple this is, you’ll be rushing to put this simple system in place right away…)
  • The quick, easy-to-use 18 point checklist to instantly work out the best investment properties for you… and how to avoid buying a lemon
  • The #1 Reason Most Property Investors Lose Money With Property. You’ll be surprised by just how easily you can avoid this mistake… but how expensive it can be if you don’t.
  • The little known professional investing formula for choosing the best high growth properties (It’s got nothing to do with spending all your Saturdays pounding the pavement looking at property)
  • The Limitations of Having Your Home Loan With The Same Bank That Has Your Investment Property Loan (Discover the dirty “little” secret the banks have been keeping from you)
  • How you too can become a Property Tycoon (People often laugh at me when I say this… until I show them how easy it is to do)
  • Why most property investing strategies are dumb – they leave you broke and suffering (Once you understand this, you’ll be amazed at how 95% of Australia has been conned)

Who This Event Is For

Whether you’re thinking about buying your first investment property, or you’re more of an experienced property investor, this cutting edge information is just what you need to be able to invest safely, profitably and with peace of mind.

It’s Like Having Our Own Money Tree



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