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The Formula for Successful Property Investing in 2016

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Scared You’ve Missed Out on the Property Boom? Discover…

How to Buy Investment Property for $495,000 or Less

Asquith Golf Club

Lord Street, Mount Colah
6.45pm Tuesday, 16 February 2016

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In high capital growth areas without risking your home, worrying about the debt or competing with overseas buyers. (No Apartments With Strata Costs Either!) Plus…

  • We’ll Show You Where the BEST Places to Invest in 2016 are (and why!)
  • How to Buy Property that Costs You Less Than $50 Per Month
  • Why You Should Almost NEVER Have Your Investment Property Loan(s) with the Same Bank that Has Your Home Loan (The Dirty Secret the Banks Won’t Tell You)

Dear friend,

If you’ve been watching the prices of property over the last couple of years, you’ll know they are sitting at stupidly high levels.

Yes, stupidly high!

The question is how much longer can they keep rising for?

You don’t want to be the poor person who buys that property for nearly a million dollars (if not more)… leverage yourself to the max… only to see property prices start to flat line… or worse, go backwards!

That’s not a position you want to be in, especially when the rents are currently not even covering the mortgage… and that’s with interest rates at record lows.

What happens when the RBA starts to increase interest rates as they eventually will? In fact, many of the banks have already started increasing interest rates for investment loans.

So what are your options?

Blindly follow the herd and risk your financial future and retirement on the mass hysteria around property right now?

Or sit around and do nothing, hoping that your retirement will just take care of itself?

Neither option sounds great to me.

After all, your Superannuation isn’t probably doing you any favours right now, especially with the way the Stock Market has performed since the start of this year.

So you know you need to do something, but the question is:

“Where Should You Invest in 2016?”

It’s easy to think you might have missed the boat but I’m here to tell you that you haven’t… yet!

Oh, and apart from finding out where to invest, you probably have a whole series of other concerns such as … how do you get started… how do you handle the extra debt… how do you manage the tenants… what happens if you lose your job… and the list just goes on and on and on.

In the end it all seems too overwhelming… and you just wish someone could make it easy.

Well, if this sounds even remotely like you…then this could be the most important letter you ever read.


Because I have some good news for you…

What if I told you, you can still get into high capital growth property for less than $495,000?

(We’re not talking about high rise units with massive strata fees either! No way! We’re talking Houses!)

What if I also told you that you can get into these properties without having to go too far from where you live right now?

And what if I told you that one of Australia’s most respected and trusted research organisations said these are the only places to invest in property right now…

Would you be interested?

Imagine… it’s the year 2026 and you are sitting back feeling secure, proud and happy that you bought the right investment property which (at least) doubled in value… giving you hundreds of thousands of dollars that you didn’t have to work for… while everyone else whinges and moans, wishing they had bought property in the same area as you did back in 2016. How much of a difference would that make to your life?

Well before I tell you how to find out about these property goldmines (and yes, there are more than one), let me introduce myself.

My name is Karen Anderson and using our unique property investment strategies, my husband and I were able to…

Acquire $6.5M in Property in 7 Years

When we started our investing journey back in 1999, we were complete novices… babies in the wood. We learned everything the hard way and we made a lot of mistakes. Expensive mistakes that not only cost us money but something even more important…


You see you can always make more money but it’s the time you lose from a bad investment that is almost impossible to get back. Once time is gone, it’s gone forever.

So our education was from the school of hard knocks… and thankfully, by just persisting and never giving up (we had no other option… my husband Tom was 51 when we started and we were running out of time… fast!) we also learned a lot about investing in property.

We learned how to identify high capital growth areas by analysing population movements, demographics and infrastructure investment patterns…

We learned how to identify the right types of property to minimise vacancy…

We learned how to NEVER pay too much for a property…

But we also discovered something equally exciting.

Through our experiences and trial and error, we stumbled upon the Freedom Accelerator System… a unique financial structure which allows you to:

  • Invest in property and use the cash flow to pay off your personal home loan more quickly (even if your investment property is negatively geared)…
  • Handle unexpected curve balls that life throws at you (such as losing your job or not being able to get a tenant for a while)…
  • Accelerate your ability to create wealth for your family and your future.


You see most people completely miss the finance part of the equation… and unfortunately that can really slow you down.

It is our unique Freedom Accelerator System that helps you build a large property portfolio without putting your home at undue risk and allows you to sleep at night. In fact we used this very same system to create quite a sizeable property portfolio.

However, what has given us even more joy is that over the last 15 years, we have helped over 1,000 people create wealth through property.

We’ve helped them find properties in areas with great capital growth potential… and then combine those properties with the Freedom Accelerator System to get maximum bang for their buck. It is this unique two pronged approach that has helped our clients achieve results such as the ones you see on the right.

Why People Lose Money In Property

If you hunt around, you will find people who have lost money in property. There’s no arguing about that.

But why?

It’s often because they tried to do it alone… listened to well-meaning friends and family who don’t have property investing experience…. trusted the opinion of a naive local real estate agent… or followed what the media said and invested at the wrong time or in the wrong place.

Unfortunately, it’s a result of failing to get the right information that most investors either buy the wrong property and lose a lot of money (and then complain that property investing does not work)…

Or they never get into the property market in the first place… and then look back with regret, wishing they had bought property a few years ago… and secretly jealous of those that did. (Think about where you’d be today if you’d bought just an investment property in Sydney 3 years ago?)

The question now is where should you invest so you get growth over the next 3, 5 or 7 years (or longer)?

And that’s where having an experienced guide can make all the difference… and put you on the right path to creating wealth for yourself and your family.

It’s something we wish we had when we started our property investing journey… and I promised myself that if I could succeed, I’d start teaching other people how to invest in property so you can benefit from my years of in-the-trenches experience…

So you can start investing without making all the mistakes we did and… going through all of that emotional and financial pain.

And that’s why I’m so excited to announce our

Property Wealth Seminars

The only place where you can find out how to use the Freedom Accelerator System to accelerate your ability to create wealth by investing in property…

Oh, and I’ll also be telling you where to buy property for less than $495,000 in high capital growth areas.

In fact, we’ve been running these events around Australia since 2010 and they have almost always been a sellout. People who have attended continue to send us endorsement and thank you notes after almost every event, just like this

Zero Fluff – So Much Practical Information

“We’ve been to many seminars but this was easily the best one we’ve ever attended. Packed with practical information and useful tips.”

Kieran and Alison Sladen

Completely Changed Our Outlook

“The information Karen shared at about the 40 minute mark completely changed how we look at investing. We now know we can achieve far more than we ever thought possible.”

Annie San & Daniel Darley-Bentley

What You Will Learn

  • Where the best areas are to buy property for 2016 and beyond… and why!(Right now there is only one set of locations you should be investing in… don’t you want to find out where that is?)
  • How to Buy 4 Bedroom Houses for Less than $495,000
  • Why you don’t need to pay off your mortgage first before you start investing (in fact, it may even be better if you haven’t!)
  • The Lazy Person’s Way to Getting Rich – The Ultimate “Done-For-You” System. Perfect for the Busy Person.
  • How to turn $150,000 in savings or equity in your home into a $1.63 Million Dollar Property Portfolio in just 2 years (When you realise just how simple this is, you’ll be rushing to put this simple system in place right away…)
  • The quick, easy-to-use 18 point checklist to instantly work out the best investment properties for you… and how to avoid buying a lemon (No More spending all your Saturdays pounding the pavement looking at property)
  • The #1 Reason Most Property Investors Lose Money With Property. You’ll be surprised by just how easily you can avoid this mistake… but how expensive it can be if you don’t.
  • The little known professional investing formula for choosing the best high growth properties (It’s got nothing to do with spending all your Saturdays pounding the pavement looking at property)
  • The Limitations of Having Your Home Loan With The Same Bank That Has Your Investment Property Loan (Discover the dirty “little” secret the banks have been keeping from you)

Who This Event Is For

This seminar is ideally suited to you if you’re busy at work, want to invest but not sure how to go about doing it and just needs someone to guide them through the process. If that’s you, then make sure you register right now.

If you’re someone who has more experience with investing, likes to be more hands on but could leverage off our 15 years of investing, then you’ll find great value in this seminar as well.

You’ll be hearing cutting edge information so you can invest safely, profitably and with peace of mind.




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